"Hi, I'm Anderson, but you can call me Andy, for short..."-Andy Gregg.

Andy Gregg
Vital statistics
Classification Human
Age 16
Status Deceased
Dream Powers None
Dream Weapon None
Date Of Birth August 15, 1994
Current Location Springwood Cemetary
Anderson "Andy" Gregg was a sixteen-year-old West Hill Asylum patient. Andy was admitted into West Hill because of insomnia due to nightmares about a man in a hat with a clawed glove. Andy did not live long as he was one of Freddy Krueger's victims.

Andy Gregg is based on Phillip Anderson from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.



Cause of DeathEdit

Coroner's Report:

Suicide seemed to be the cause of the victim's death. Many of the patients at West Hill Asylum reported that the victim was "sleepwalking" when he went up to the roof of the hospital. He walked towards the edge of the roof and fell towards the ground, effectively killing himself. Though, I suspect there is some foul play at hand because when they bought the victim in, he had a huge hole in his chest. So was it suicide...or murder?


Andy dozed off to sleep while in his room. When he awoke, he saw a young nurse whom he had a crush on. The nurse told him to meet her on the roof. He followed the nurse up to the roof of the hospital and the nurse told him to come towards the edge of the rooftop. He came towards the edge of the roof and as he was about to kiss the nurse who was standing on air (Andy could not see this), she disappeared. He questioned where the nurse went, and then a very dark voice came from behind him and said "She not here, asshole..." Then Freddy's clawed glove burst through his chest and Andy fell off the roof and towards the ground, surrounded in a pool of blood. Freddy Krueger stood at the edge of the roof and looked down at Andy and said "Goodnight and sleep tight."