"I fear nothing..."-Ivana Buschovitz.

Ivana Buschovitz
Vital statistics
Classification Dream Walker
Age 17
Status Alive
Dream Powers Dream Manipulation

Enhanced Strength, Speed, and Durability Expert Combatant Bionic Physiology Claw Retraction Gun Limbs X-Ray Vision

Dream Weapon Bionic Body
Date Of Birth December 12, 1994
Current Location Springwood, Ohio
Ivana Buschovitz is a seventeen-year-old high school student. Ivana discovered her dream powers when she was younger. At first, Ivana was afraid of her powers, but over the years she would master her fears and train to become better at them. Later in life, Ivana was approached by William Lowe and asked to join him in findng others who had powers like them, Ivana reluctantly agreed.



Dream PowersEdit

Dream Walking and Manipulation- Ivana Buschovitz is a Dream Walker with the ability to enter someone's dream and manipulate it, her other dream powers include:

  • High-Speed Regeneration- While in the Dream Realm, Ivana can rapidly heal from minor to serious injuries.
  • Enhanced Strength, Speed, and Durability -While in the Dream Realm, Ivana can exert great strength from her muscles, move at supernatural speeds, and can withstand copious amounts of damage.
  • Expert Combatant-While in the Dream Realm, Ivana is an expert in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Bionic Physiology-Another unique dream power of Ivana's is that she can take on numerous, various physical chracteristics of a robot, machine, weapon, or android. For example, instead of organs, Ivana can grow small factories which can manifest instruments such as mechanical arms, weapons, or wheels, this includes:
    • Claw Retraction-Ivana can project razor-sharp claws from her fingertips.
    • Gun Limbs-Ivana can transform herself or parts (legs, arms, hand, etc.) of herself into strong gun-like weapons with massive firepower.
    • X-Ray Vision- While in the Dream Realm, Ivana has the ability to see through solid objects.