"What do you want from me?!"-Jessie Braun.

Jessie Braun
Vital statistics
Classification Human
Age 18
Status Alive
Dream Powers None
Dream Weapon None
Date Of Birth December 28, 1993
Current Location Springwood, Ohio
Jessie Braun is a seventeen-year-old high school student. Jessie was molested when he was just a child. About a year ago, Jessie had been having lucid nightmares about a man with a clawed glove and a hat chasing him into a preschool. At the behest of his friend Kris, Jessie sought help from William Lowe in stopping the nightmares. Jessie survived Freddy Kueger's killing spree and finally moves on with life, until he starts having nightmares again, and this time Jessie usually wakes up with blood all over himself, and a clawed glove on his right hand...

Jessie Braun in this story is based on two characters: Rod Lane from the original Nightmare on Elm Street and Jessie Walsh from the sequel.


Note: Jessie's biography has not been made yet, though this is an alternate timeline between A Nightmare on Elm Street and Inception universe.

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