"I've been having these dream..."-Kris Fowles.

Kris Fowles
Nightmare2010 2
Vital statistics
Classification Human
Age 16
Status Deceased
Dream Powers None
Dream Weapon None
Date Of Birth November 26, 1992
Current Location Springwood Cemetary
Kristina "Kris" Fowles was an sixteen-year-old high school student. Kris was molested when she was just a child. Recently, she has been having lucid nightmares about a man in a hat with claws chasing her into a preschool. At the behest of her friend Nancy, Kris finds help in the form of a boy named William Lowe to help her with her nightmares. Kris dies at the hands of Freddy Krueger.

Kris Fowles is based on Tina Grey from the original Nightmare on Elm Street.


Note: Kris' biography has not been made yet, thought this is an alternate timeline between A Nightmare on Elm Street and Inception universe.

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