"Name's Grady, Rob Grady..."-Rob Grady.

Rob Grady
Vital statistics
Classification Human
Age 17
Status Deceased
Dream Powers None
Dream Weapon None
Date Of Birth February 9, 1993
Current Location Springwood Cementary
Robert "Rob" Grady was a seventeen-year-old high school student. He was at first a rival towards Jessie Braun, but a year after Jessie survives the Springwood Massacre, the two grew a mutual friendship. One stormy night, after a possessed Jessie kills someone as Freddy Krueger, Jessie plads with Rob to watch over him while he sleeps. Rob reluctantly agrees. However, after Rob fell asleep, Freddy seizes control of Jessie and attacks Rob. Rob is then killed by Freddy Krueger.  

Rob Grady is based on Ron Grady from A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge.



Cause of DeathEdit

Coroner's Report:

The victim seems to have multiple stabbing and scratching wounds all over his body. This is similar to most of the victims of the Springwood Massacre, about a year ago. Could the Springwood Slasher have return, or is this a common copycat?


Rob was in his room trying to watch over Jessie while he went to sleep. After watching Jessie fall asleep, Rob dozed off himself. Then Rob woke up abruptly to the sound of Jessie screaming in agonizing pain. Jessie tells Rob to run because Freddy is coming. Rob is scared, confused, and hesitative until Jessie lifts up his right hand to show him Freddy's clawed glove. Then Jessie orders Rob to to put him into his closet and lock the door. Rob does so and before he does, Jessie (in Freddy's voice) utters one word: Run. Rob locks the closet door and runs out of his room into Freddy's boiler room. While inside Rob's room, the closet door bursts open and out comes Freddy Krueger. Rob runs throughout the nightmare until he runs straight into Freddy. Rob pleads with Freddy and he[Freddy]laughs as he kills Rob. Back in the Real World, Jessie wakes up to find himself covered in blood with a dead Rob Grady on the floor. Jessie jumps out the second floor window just before Rob's parents find their deceased son.