"I'm Harry freaking Potter with a freaking cell phone!"-Stan Heiden.

Stan Heiden
Kevin mchale
Vital statistics
Classification Dream Walker
Age 16
Status Alive
Dream Powers Technomancy

Ambient Resource Construction Computer Interaction Data Manipulation Electrokinesis Electronic Manipulation Interface Creation

Dream Weapon Electronics
Date Of Birth June 14, 1994
Current Location Springwood, Ohio

West Hill Asylum

Stanton "Stan" Heiden is sixteen-year-old West Hill patient. Stan discovered his dream powers while training under William Lowe in West Hill Asylum. Prior to his admittance, Stan was having nightmares about a man in a hat with a clawed glove chasing him into a burned steel factory. Will and Nancy helped Stan and the other four West Hill children in discovering their dream powers and helping them in a battle against Freddy Krueger. 

Stan Heiden is based on Will Stanton from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.



Dream PowersEdit

Dream Walking and Technomancy- Stan Heiden is a Dream Walker with the ability to generate, effect or replicate technology through magical means. Since Stan's powers were discovered recently he has no other dream powers. However, unlike the other four West Park children, Stan is capable of defending himself very well with this power, since it is a combination of technology and magic which includes:

  • Ambient Resource Construction- While in the Dream Realm, Stan can construct any inanimate, organic object than he can think of, provided he has the resouces to make said object.
  • Computer Interaction- While in the Dream Realm, Stan can interface with computers, data, internet, and the world wide web from the Real World.
  • Data Manipulation- While in the Dream Realm, Stan can generate, control and manipulate data and digital information.
  • Electrokinesis- While in the Dream Realm, Stan can generate and control electricity.
  • Electronic Communication- While in the Dream Realm, Stan can intercept, generate, and interpret electronic, digital, and radio transmissions from the Real World.
  • Interface Creation- While in the Dream Realm, Stan has the power to create a personal digital interface and manipulate the data via interactions with the computer hologram.