"I can see everything you can't..."-Whisper Shanti.

Whisper Shanti
Vital statistics
Classification Dream Walker
Age 17
Status Alive
Dream Powers Possession

High-Speed Regeneration Enhanced Strength, Speed, and Durability Expert Combatant Life-Force Absorption and Generation Expert Swordswoman Spiritual Energy Precognition

Dream Weapon Daggers
Date Of Birth May 12, 1994
Current Location Springwood, Ohio
Whisper Shanti is eighteen-year-old high school student and part-time waitress. Whisper was young when she discovered her own dream powers. Later in life, Whisper was approached by William Lowe and asked to help him in finding people with powers like theirs. Whisper agreed to join him.



Dream PowersEdit

Dream Walking and Possesion- Whisper Shanti is a Dream Walker with the ability to enter within someone's mind and possess them in the Real World by stealing their motor functions and senses via sleepwalking, her other powers include:

  • High-Speed Regeneration-While in the Dream Realm, Whisper can heal rapidly from minor to serious injuries.
  • Enhanced Strength, Speed, and Durability-While in the Dream Realm, Whisper can exert great strength from his muscles, move at supernatural speeds, and can withstand copious amounts of damage.
  • Expert Combatant-While in the Dream Realm, Whisper is an expert in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Life-Force Generation and Absorpsion- While possessing someone in the Real World, Whisper can absorb their energy and exude their energy in the Dream Realm. Since this is a simple generation, Whisper cannot do much with it.
  • Expert Swordswoman-Whisper Dream Weapons are two small daggers, so while she is in the Dream Realm he demonstrates a supernatural apititude for the daggers.
  • Spiritual Energy- Whisper has the power to control her own spritual essense.
  • Precognition- While in her dreams, Whisper can percieve future events in the real world before they actually happen. Whisper's precog abilities are a bit more powerful than that of Chastity Avian.