Oh, you must be dreaming...-William Lowe.

William Lowe
Vital statistics
Classification Dream Walker
Age 18
Status Alive
Dream Powers Dream Creation

High-Speed Regeneration Enhanced Strength, Speed, and Durability Expert Combatant Master Swordsman Expert Strategist Telepathy Cryokinesis

Dream Weapon Dream Sword
Date Of Birth October 28, 1992
Current Location Springwood, Ohio.
William "Will" Jarome Lowe is a eighteen-year-old high school student. William is the main protagonist of the Dream Masters story. When Will was young, he had uncanny ability to create his own dreams while he was asleep. He discovered later that he was a unique type of human who could walk within the dream realm. He recently discovered that there was others who had the same powers as himself, and so he set out to find others much like himself and help them with their abilities.



Dream PowersEdit

Dream Walking and Dream Creation-William Lowe is a Dream Walker who has the most powerful dream ability known: Creation of his own dreams. He can create whatever he wants via dreams. For example, if he wanted massive amounts of cash in his dreams, all he has to do is think it and it will appear all around him. However, he can only do this in the Dream Realm, not in the real world, his other powers include:

  • High-Speed Regeneration-While in the Dream Realm, Will can heal rapidly from minor to serious injuries.
  • Enhanced Strength, Speed, and Durability-While in the Dream Realm, Will can exert great strength from his muscles, move at supernatural speeds, and can withstand copious amounts of damage.
  • Expert Combatant-While in the Dream Realm, Will is an expert in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Master Swordsman-William's Dream Weapon is a sword, so while he is in the Dream Realm he demonstrates a supernatural apititude for the sword.
  • Expert Strategist- William is very bright for his age, even though he does not apply himself in his grades, he is capable of making several different plans for his life, should one plan fail.
  • Telepathy- While in the Dream Realm, Will can read the minds of others. This ability is so powerful that he can speak to others in the real world.
  • Cryokinesis-While in the Dream Realm, Will can create and manipulate ice.